Expert Artist

After building her successful career as a worldwide multi-award-winning lash artist, trainer, and competition judge, she now dedicates herself to her company and her Team. Her goal is to grow TRUE artists!

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Founder and creative director of Juli Lash, who passionately works in the Lash Industry since 2011. Her scientific background in Molecular Biology has helped her to maintain the interest, passion and focus in this industry for years.

Back in 2015, in just over 1 year time she has won 9 awards from various LIVE International Lash Competitions in Master and Expert Categories.

Back then she has won a title of “World Lash Expert 2016” at the international live eyelash extensions championship “Les Victoires du Regard” in Paris.

Julia is accredited trainer and Lash Lift Head trainer at the Flawless Lashes Academy since December 2016. She is a passionate teacher, who has a strong scientific approach in training and treatments.

During the pandemic Julia was teaching online. She has created a 5 day “Lash Elementrix Marathon”, was invited as a speaker to Lash Masters Evolution project to talk about “How to build your business model and rival strategy”, as well as spoke “All about lash competitions” at The Lash Event.

Julia is a frequent face at the live and online conferences. During Lash Socials UK 2018 live conference she held two exclusive workshops on Pre-competition and her copyrighted Needling technique topics.

Julian has judged live lash competitions in Norway (Norwegian Mastership 2017) and Russia (Lash Premium WLP 2017), as well as various online competitions, such as Lash Queen Japan, Oscars Online competition, Lash Socials UK, LME, The Lash Summit online competitions, to name a few.

Back in 2016 Julia introduced her own branded workshop “Your Guide to Successful Competitions”, which helped many UK’s and international artists to win awards during live competitions.


Master Artist

Oxana is skilled, an award-winning artist. Her lash journey began in 2017. You can trust Oxana with any kind of lash extensions – she will create a set you desire.


Front of house

Valerie is an award-winning artist, who always strives for perfection and delivers an outstanding customer service. She is a go to person for brows, lash lift and pedicure.


Master Artist

Vlada is an award-winning artist. She is an expert when it comes to detailed work. She performs outstanding lash and brow services. Her customers are always pleased with results.


Expert Artist
Yulia is our multi award-winning artist. She is an Expert in this field. She is precise, diligent, and extremely professional. Clients love her work! We are looking to welcome Yulia back into our team after her maternity holidays.


Expert Artist

She is experienced award-winning Lash Artist. Gentle and caring. If you are looking for an extraordinary glamorous lash set – Xenia is the right person to go to.


Nail Artist

Yuliia is a Nail Artist with 4 years of experience. She loves clean and well-groomed hands. She says that our hands are our business card. Her priority is a high-quality work. At work, she is always inspired by her happy clients.