We are famous for combined Russian Manicure and minimalist nail-art designs. We raise the bar for cleanliness and true luxury nail work experience.


We are famous for combined Russian Manicure and minimalist nail-art designs. We raise the bar for cleanliness and true luxury nail work experience.

Our artists are highly qualified, artistically trained and their extensive experience will ensure you get a fantastic result.



We work using high quality, vegan friendly and cruelty free gel polish colours and BIABs (Builder In A Bottle™) from The GelBottle Inc™. It is a cult best seller loved by nail techs and clients across the globe. BIAB’s are designed to keep natural nails strong, whilst promoting long-lasting nail health.

At Juli Lash Studio, we combine our expertise in Russian manicure with excellent quality products from The GelBottle Inc™ and get durable, long lasting and elegant results. 


What is a Combined Russian Manicure?

Unlike traditional nail salons where your hands are soaked in a bowl of warm water to soften dead skin cells followed by push-back tools to clip cuticles, Russian manicures clean up your cuticle by using electric nail bits. This is a dry technique, which involves cleaning and trimming your cuticles carefully. The cuticle work is very precise, and our tools go through a three-phase disinfection and sterilization process.

Though the process of a Russian Manicure sounds similar to a gel manicure, there’s a core difference—Russian Manicure’s technique specifically caters to the individual client’s needs, hence why the products are selected based on the length and strength of your nail.

Unlike other manicure techniques where length, shape, and design are
prioritized, Russian manicures focus strictly on the health of your nails. No acrylics or toxic gel polishes are used. Russian Manicure is durable, long-lasting, and look elegant.
Russian manicure done right is so long-lasting—in fact—you won’t need a
touch-up until at least four weeks after your first appointment. An added benefit is that your nails will be restored to health, no matter how brittle they are. There’s nothing a few consistent sessions with our team can’t
After experiencing the Russian technique, you won’t want to go back to
traditional manicures.

We work using high quality UK’s vegan and cruelty-free colours and BIABs (Builder In A Bottle) from our favourite The GelBottle Inc™ company.

If you require any designs, please book them separately online or give us a call to discuss as they require a longer appointment.

Try our Signature 4 Hands Service

Juli’s signature Four Hands treatment is an excellent opportunity to save time and enjoy a Russian manicure and pedicure simultaneously!

This service is carried out by two expert nail artists at the same time. This service takes up to two hours and can help you save time in your busy schedule.

IBX Nails Strenghtening

IBX is a new and revolutionary two-part system that acts as a protective shield for the natural nail under any gel polish coating. IBX can also be used as a natural strengthening system to grow your nails more readily on their own!

The system’s penetrative toughening components work inside the nail to fuse the upper layers together. The result is amazing. You will have tougher natural nails that will grow on their own. They will also be protected against frequent and potentially damaging gel polish removal.

We recommend booking this treatment in blocks of 10. It is perfect for you if you have very weak or bite your nails. It will help rebuild the natural strength of your nail plate.